Letters, Themes and you may Signs about Catcher on Rye

Letters, Themes and you may Signs about Catcher on Rye

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What is the Catcher about Rye Throughout the?

The brand new Catcher about Rye is actually good 1951 book of the J.D Salinger. It refers to 2 days on life of their protagonist, Holden Caulfield. After being expelled regarding four universities and not liking some thing he could be tried, Holden fantasizes regarding the are a good catcher on rye. He says, this will build your guilty of preserving youngsters out-of falling-off good cliff. The fresh new emblematic meaning are rescuing this new innocence off young people regarding the pretense away from adulthood. The newest novel is a significant work as they spins to universal layouts of teenage rebellion, alienation, a quest for intimate knowledge, and battle from youngsters.

New Catcher on Rye Synopsis

The latest novel starts with their protagonist, Holden Caulfield, saying he underwent cures when you look at the an emotional facility. (mehr …)

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